Jun 18, 2021
Grown Rogue Triples Indoor Production In Oregon

Grown Rogue International Inc., a multi-state cannabis company with operations and assets in Oregon and Michigan, has successfully tripled its indoor production in Oregon with recently announced capacity increases. Grown Rogue completed facility improvements at their existing 17,000 sq ft Rossanley facility, adding 40% additional flowering space. The company has successfully harvested two rooms from the 30,000 sq ft Airport facility under the management services agreement signed as part of the purchase of HSCP, LLC, a subsidiary of Acreage Holdings, Inc.

This increased capacity, with successful harvests out of the new flower rooms, has resulted in the tripling of production capacity to approximately 600lbs of high-quality flower per month, an annualized run rate of 7,200 lbs per year.

The recently completed construction at Grown Rogue’s Rossanley Facility resulted in 8 dedicated flower rooms, which now allows the Company to harvest every week with yields of approximately 300lbs per month or 3,600 pounds per year.

“Taking the Rossanley Facility to full capacity is an important step as we scale our business,” said Obie Strickler, chief executive officer of Grown Rogue. “We now have eight dedicated flowering rooms and are harvesting weekly to provide consistent high-quality flower to the fast-growing Oregon market.”

Grown Rogue is also pleased to announce the first two harvests from the Airport facility that is being operated under a management services agreement as part of the HSCP acquisition. After taking possession in February, all facility improvements have been made, including the installation of additional HVAC and dehumidification. The Airport Facility currently has three flowering rooms (each with 120 lights, approximately three times the size of the Rossanley Facility’s rooms) with estimated production of 300 lbs per month. Grown Rogue anticipates adding a fourth flower room (that is already constructed) once they have received regulatory approval in the coming months, which will increase production to 450 lbs per month or 5,400 per year.

“Our team has executed flawlessly at the Airport Facility, rapidly making the improvements necessary to ensure optimal environmental conditions and successfully growing and harvesting our first crops,” said Strickler. “With the addition of this facility, we now operate 47,000 sq ft, with 700 flowering lights, soon to be over 800 flowering lights with the fourth flower room at the Airport Facility, allowing us to produce upwards of 8,000lbs per year of high quality, low-cost indoor flower for the Oregon market.”

For more information about Grown Rogue, visit www.grownrogue.com.

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