Feb 16, 2021
Harvest Hero Line Of Horticultural Products Launches With Soilless Media

Dicalite Management Group, LLC has introduced Harvest Hero, a brand of value-added soil amendments and growing media targeting the cannabis industry and overall horticultural market.

The first product launched under the brand is the patent-pending Enhanced Perlite Mix. This soilless media features a unique 3-in-1 formulation of perlite, diatomaceous earth, and essential nutrients that support the first 30 to 40 days of growth without needing to add fertilizer during this time period. This product represents a breakthrough in performance as compared to existing soil substrate alternatives and has the potential to reshape the soilless mix category. In independent studies conducted by NC State University and a third-party agronomist, the use of Harvest Hero’s Enhanced Perlite Mix led to an 100% increase in flower bud production, an 183% increase in THC total yield, and a 61% increase in CBD total yield versus the control groups.

Harvest Hero’s mission is to deliver innovative soil amendments and growing media that improve growers’ yields. Harvest Hero’s Enhanced Perlite Mix has been developed by a team of engineers, agronomists, and operational personnel at Dicalite to create the ideal growing environment for cannabis and other plants. Plants can be grown directly in Enhanced Perlite Mix, or in a blend of Enhanced Perlite Mix plus peat moss or coconut coir.

Harvest Hero’s Enhanced Perlite Mix is the first direct-to-consumer product launch in Dicalite’s 92-year history. The company expects to quickly follow with additional value-added gardening and hydroponic products in 2021.

“We believe we have achieved a breakthrough with how we combine these product ingredients that will super charge growers’ harvests,” said Dicalite’s President and CEO George Dethlefsen. “This product has the potential to change how perlite is used as a growing medium and soilless mix.”

Benefits of Harvest Hero’s Enhanced Perlite Mix

Each of the three components in Harvest Hero’s Enhanced Perlite Mix offers its own benefits:

  • Perlite: Prevents soil compaction, aerates soil, improves water retention, and keeps roots oxygenated.
  • Diatomaceous Earth: Provides a source of soluble silica that supports the cell structure of plants and improves resilience and resistance against plant stressors such as drought, waterlogging, disease, infestations, and more.
  • Essential nutrients: Fertilizer delivers potassium and phosphorus—the key nutrients needed to support root and full-plant health.

Dicalite controls every aspect of the supply chain for this product, which is 100% domestically sourced. Harvest Hero’s Enhanced Perlite Mix is exclusively available for purchase at www.HarvestHero.com.

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