Sep 15, 2021
Hemp, Inc. Acquires Manufacturer of Hemp Products

Hemp Inc., has acquired a significant manufacturer and co-packer, Ferris Holding Inc., headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hemp Inc.’s all-stock acquisition of Ferris will provide cost savings and increased revenue of products developed, manufactured and co-packed by Ferris. As a leading co-packer and manufacturer, Ferris will expand Hemp Inc.’s launching of new products in the hemp market that can be distributed and sold worldwide by Hemp Inc.

Ferris was founded and began operations in 2005 and has been the manufacturer of the King of Hemp smokable product line for Hemp Inc. With consistent stellar health department ratings and innovative manufacturing processes that increase quality while decreasing loss, Ferris is a highly respected manufacturer. The ownership of Ferris has agreed to allow their management team to stay on for at least one year, assuring a smooth transition to the management team at Hemp Inc.

“We are very fortunate to have spent several years working with the management team at Ferris in Las Vegas, Nevada, in providing the best quality products in the Hemp market,” said Jim Hancock, president of Hemp Inc. “Our acquisition of Ferris will give Hemp Inc., an advantage of launching new products that will expand our products and bring new customers and distributors worldwide. We also now will experience significant cost savings to Hemp Inc. by having control of our manufacturer and co-packer.”

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