May 20, 2021
Hemp, Inc. Expects Yield Rich Results In 2021

With over 10 years’ experience in growing and processing hemp in North America, Hemp, Inc. reports it expects its 2021 hemp grows in North Carolina, Wyoming, Arizona and Oregon to be a grand slam. Not only does Hemp, Inc. have an established network of industry professionals in every segment of the industrial hemp industry, it has enlisted renowned scientist, Dr. Robert Ian Bruck, chief science officer of Hempire, Inc. to oversee its North Carolina hemp grow.

North Carolina 2021 Hemp Grow

According to Dr. Bruck, CBG is one of the cannabinoids in cannabis that has more pharmacological benefits than CBD for pain, arthritis, etc. “To date, there are only a few CBG hemp strains in the market. I’m working with one of Hemp, Inc.’s growers to breed from a mother plant that Hempire, Inc. ordained,” says Bruck. Hempire, Inc. is a cannabis delivery service that primarily serves the Stockton, California area but has a division that focuses on CBG genetics which Dr. Bruck heads. “We are making huge strides in breeding very high content CBG hemp strain. We have thousands of seedlings in the greenhouse and we’re shooting for 5,000 plants that will be transplanted to the field.”

The plants, to be planted in approximately 3 weeks, are expected to grow to maturity and harvested around the end of August, this year. The strain being tested in this grow is called “Hemperial 3”. The grow covers about two and a half acres of land in North Carolina.

Wyoming 2021 Hemp Grow

In Wyoming, Hemp, Inc. is partnering with GreenTree Ag, LLC to grow long stalk industrial hemp on 22.22 acres. The specific cultivars used in this particular grow are HLIANA, HLESIA, and HLUKHIVS’KI and are scheduled to be planted during the first week in June and harvested during the first week in September 2021. The whole process will be closely monitored using GreenTree Ag’s precision ag methodology from “Soil to Solutions.”

Hemp, Inc. expects to harvest 10,000 pounds per acre (30% hemp fiber, 70% hemp herd and 300-500 pounds of seeds per acre) which will primarily be used for next year’s crop. The seeds from this year’s crop will be enough to plant 222 acres next year. Hemp, Inc. will use the harvest to produce hemp lumber such as 2x4s which are made up of hemp and recycled plastic, making it stronger, longer-lasting and more sustainable than traditional wood.

Arizona 2021 Hemp Grow

In Arizona, Hemp, Inc. is preparing to grow hemp and kenaf on 11 acres at its Veterans Village Kins Community in Golden Valley, Arizona. Darren Reed, Hemp, Inc.’s primary grower, is overseeing the grow using the same cultivars Wyoming is using (HLIANA, HLESIA, and HLUKHIVS’KI). According to Reed, planting will start by the end of this week and they expect to harvest by mid to end September of this year. “Right now, we’re laying the ground work (sifting, plowing the field, and fertilizing the soil). We’ll be testing to see which cultivar will yield the best results,” said Reed.

Oregon 2021 Hemp Grow

In Oregon, Hemp, Inc. is partnering with Natural Blum Farm to grow hemp this year using one of the most sought-after cultivars from the Crawford Brothers (White CBG Seedless). According to, the White CBG Seedless is “revered for its large dense flowers and gorgeous bag appeal and exhibits a stronger, more diesel-filled nose and bumped-up yields. With added essential oil production, its seedless frosted white flowers also gain more stickiness than the original.”

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