Idaho SDA hemp

Oct 5, 2022
Idaho Cracks Down on Hemp-Derived Pet Products

Hemp or hemp-derived products, including CBD, are not legal for animal feeds or remedies in the state of Idaho, and beginning Nov. 1, the Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) plans to start enforcing this and inspecting products.

According to a memorandum sent to retailers, manufacturers and distributors earlier this year, banned animal remedies include all products intended to support animal health, structure or function, often mixed into animal feeds or administered as dosage-type supplements. Animal remedies in Idaho are exempted from feed requirements except when these products are misbranded with nutritive claims or are considered adulterated. Animal remedies containing hemp are adulterated and are being unlawfully marketed and distributed in Idaho.

In 2021, the Idaho Legislature passed House Bill 126, which legalized the licensed production and handling of hemp in Idaho. However, the new law did not legalize hemp in every setting or product type. As hemp manufacturing begins to take place in Idaho, ISDA says it is working with new hemp licensees and animal feed companies to understand what is legal in the state.

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