Aug 10, 2022
Indigenous Bloom Hemp Corp. Appoints New Director

Indigenous Bloom Hemp Corp, which operates a large-scale industrial hemp farm in Southern Manitoba, has appointed Chris Federowich to the board of directors. Federowich’s family are pioneers in the hemp industry and have been operating hemp farms in Manitoba for over 50 years. He is vice chair of the Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers (PIHG), which is a new gen cooperative that develops hemp varieties that are specifically designed for the Manitoba region.

Indigenous Bloom Hemp’s CEO, Mark Roseborough, commented, “I believe that Mr. Federowich’s knowledge and experience in the hemp industry along with his dedication to seeing hemp become a commodity grown in Canada is another step towards strategically placing the company in a position for success in the hemp industry.”

The company’s primary focus on its 200 acres of zoned farmland is the processing and sale of hemp biomass, flower, and phytocannabinoid rich extracts derived from hemp biomass.

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