May 19, 2020
iUNU Joins 5G Open Innovation Lab

On May 19, iUNU announced it has joined the 5G Open Innovation Lab, an ecosystem for developers, enterprises, carriers, and technology leaders, focused on helping start-ups utilize 5G to develop new capabilities, use cases, and market categories.

iUNU will work closely with the Lab’s founding partners including Intel, T-Mobile and other partners to help entrepreneurs and developers gain access to engineering, technology and industry insights that will enable the startup community.

iUNU is an industrial computer vision company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, that helps turn commercial greenhouses into precise, predictable, demand based manufacturers.

“iUNU is partnering with enterprise companies throughout the tech ecosystem, to bring innovation and a voice of the greenhouse industry to the larger tech world,” stated iUNU CEO Adam Greenberg.  “Our goal is to connect the resources and technology of Intel, T-Mobile, and Avanade to the acute needs of growers.”

Unique to the Lab’s approach is its focus on unifying an independent ecosystem by bringing together technology, financial, and community partners and forward-thinking customers from industries such as media and entertainment, transportation, oil and gas, manufacturing, and retail.

iUNU is singular in its ability to combine AI technology with machine vision to provide a platform that growers can use to improve their planning, production, and increase their efficiency while at the same time reducing the Ag world’s impact on climate change.

“Until recently, leading edge technology has not been available to the greenhouse industry,” Greenberg offered. “By acting as a liaison and by working closely with Intel, T-Mobile, and Avanade, we can help accelerate that process and improve the industry.”

iUNU’s technology interprets information from optical scanners that constantly move around a greenhouse, collecting visual data about the plants. The computer imagery is provided to growers on their computer or smartphone, which allows them to see what is happening in their greenhouse in real-time, at a hyper-local level. With iUNU’s AI software, growers make data-driven decisions and compare current crop forecasts with previous yields. Accurate yield predictions decrease waste and increase the efficiency of a greenhouse.

“The 5G OI Lab is an extraordinary opportunity for developers to work directly with technology and business leaders to design and bring to life their vision and dreams for new 5G applications,” said Jim Brisimitzis, managing partner of the 5G OI Lab.  “This is not just any startup program. We are building a true partner ecosystem that will bring knowledge, resources and capital together to change the world in profound ways.”

To learn more about iUNU, please visit

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