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Jul 31, 2022
MásLabor Merges With AgWorks H2

MásLabor, provider of comprehensive services for employers using H-2A and H-2B nonimmigrant visa programs, has merged with AgWorks H2 LLC, a Georgia-based H-2A and H-2B consulting firm.

“AgWorks has a proven success model, with a deep compliance focus and highly knowledgeable leadership,” said Edward Silva, CEO of MásLabor, who recently purchased MásLabor in July 2021. “But as we and the market continue to evolve and grow, there are clear benefits to integration, shared systems and knowledge, and more active collaboration.”

The company says one such benefit is the economy of scale. The two companies obtain approvals for their clients to employ over 60,000 foreign workers per year. This gives the companies unique insight into issues faced by clients in every geography and industry.

“Together, we have a detailed view of the labor market for the entire country as it relates to H-2 workers, across nearly every industry. We know the challenges, the opportunities, and we have best-in-class solutions.” said Dan Bremer, current president of AgWorks who will remain in a key leadership role to both MásLabor and AgWorks.

Under the new structure, AgWorks will expand its service offerings to align with those offered by MásLabor, including assistance with domestic job applicants, comprehensive audit services, and other visa categories. The companies will also consolidate their compliance teams to provide clients with expertise and best practices. Finally, integration also comes with a significant investment in technology to provide clients with a more efficient and effective process throughout.

“Our core mission is saving American businesses, full stop. We are thrilled to join with the AgWorks team in this mission, and their decades of experience,” said Silva.

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