Sep 20, 2022
Mast Young Plants Releases 2022 Trial Garden Report

Mast Young Plants (MYP) recently published its 2022 trial garden report, which is based on how selected plants performed in the summer trial and includes consumer voting data. The trial garden is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is open to customers and industry professionals to view MYP program offerings, including all the varieties offered in their liner program from over 25 breeders.

In the trial garden, all varieties are sorted by genera and are clearly labeled, allowing visitors to compare size, color and vigor in order to make informed selections. MYP also displays custom combinations shown in hanging baskets and containers throughout the display gardens.

This year, the trial gardens featured over 100 genera; 180+ new additions for 2022-23; 1500+ varieties in raised landscape beds, hanging baskets, deco pots, saddle planters and window planters; and 500+ custom designed hanging baskets and patio pot combinations.

Echinacea Panama Red
Echinacea ‘Panama Red’

The top 10 consumer favorites in the MYP 2022 report were:
1. Echinacea ‘Panama Red’ (Danziger)
2. Dahlia ‘XXL Grand Prismatic’ (Dümmen Orange)
3. Bracteantha ‘Granvia Gold’ (Suntory)
4. New Guinea Impatiens ‘Compact Purple
Candy’ (Sakata)
5. Petunia ‘Glamouflage Pink Lemonade’ (Kientzler)
6. New Guinea Impatiens ‘Compact Lavender
Splash’ (Sakata)
7. Angelonia ‘Violet Bicolor’ (Ball FloraPlant)
8. Canna ‘Bronze Peach’ (Ball Ingenuity)
9. Petunia ‘Blueberries & Cream’ (Ball FloraPlant)
10. (Tied for 10th) Lantana ‘Mango’ (Syngenta
11. (Tied for 10th) Bidens ‘Red + Yellow Eye’ (Selecta)
12. (Tied for 10th) Portulaca ‘Nano Orange Twist’ (Danziger)

New Guinea impatiens Roller Coaster - Dümmen Orange
New Guinea Impatiens ‘Roller Coaster Hot Pink’

The top 5 performers based on staff evaluation were:
1. New Guinea Impatiens ‘Bright Red’ (Syngenta
2. New Guinea Impatiens ‘Roller Coaster Hot Pink’ (Dümmen
3. Begonia ‘Peach’ (Beekenkamp)
4. New Guinea Impatiens ‘Dark Leaf Red’ (Danziger)
5. Bidens ‘Golden Empire’ (Danziger)

Other best of the best picks included:
1. Portulaca ‘Orange’ (Greenfuse Botanicals)
2. Gaillardia ‘Yellow with Red Ring’ (Syngenta
3. Bracteantha ‘Gold’ (Suntory)
4. Helianthus ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ (Thompson
& Morgan)
5. Salvia ‘Mystic Spires’ (Ball FloraPlant)

Learn more about the trial and access the full MYP 2022 Trial Garden Report here.