Mar 15, 2023
Monrovia’s on-demand webinar helps kick off spring

Incorporating elements of timeless design gives your garden longevity. Enduring design principles paired with new plants can help create a landscape you love both now and in the future.

Monrovia’s first webinar of 2023 features trend spotter and chief marketing officer, Katie Tamony, and plant hunter, Georgia Clay. The two provide design tips and plant inspiration to help you kick off your spring gardens.

“Modern garden trends have their roots in historic landscape design,” says Katie Tamony. “Taking a look at these classic influences can spur ideas an create opportunities to help us develop a garden that is personal and meaningful.”

Whether you’re looking to add to your New Victorian Garden design with plants such as Lilla Smoke Bush, Jade Enchantress Cherry Laurel or Kirigami Deep Blue and White Columbine. Or, if you’re looking for plants that fit the Architectural Simplicity trend including Tiny Tower Green Giant Arborvitae, Mint Julep Juniper or Northwind Switch Grass, this webinar will have you adding to your plant wish list.

Spend a few moments in the garden with us on Monrovia’s YouTube channel. You’ll find the Timeless Design Ideas webinar and many other inspiring plant videos, timely tips, and answers to many common garden questions.

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