May 24, 2024
Mucci Farms expands operations with acquisition of Hacienda North Farms

Mucci Farms, an industry-leading grower and marketer of fresh fruits and vegetables, announced it has acquired Hacienda North Farms, a 160-acre state-of-the-art greenhouse facility located in Coatsworth, Ontario. Mucci Farms is part of the newly launched Cox Farms business setting the global standard in growing fresh produce for a growing population. 

Hacienda North Farms has been a valued grower partner of Mucci Farms for nearly a decade, specializing in the cultivation of quality bell peppers. With this acquisition, Mucci Farms expands its cutting-edge greenhouse footprint, facilitating the company to elevate its offerings and better serve its retail partners.

“Working directly with Hacienda Farms for several years has given us insight into the facilities and the quality product that’s grown there,” said Bert Mucci, CEO of Mucci Farms. “Bringing them into our fold presents an exciting opportunity to further enhance our ability to meet the needs of our retail partners.”

The partnership between Mucci Farms and Cox Farms continues to yield fruitful results as the company expands its presence across North America.

“This is a pivotal moment in the Cox Farms and Mucci Farms journey,” said Steven Bradley, president of Cox Farms. “This strategic investment underscores our dedication to leading the industry to ensure we meet the evolving needs of consumers. Together, we are committed to scaling operations and enhancing access to sustainably grown produce.”

In addition to the prominent greenhouse facility, the acquisition includes a significant land bank spanning 120 acres, providing ample room for future expansion and innovation. Mucci Farms remains committed to growing bell peppers in the new farms while remaining agile to adapt to market demands and explore opportunities for diversification. With this acquisition, Mucci Farms remains poised for continued growth, innovation and success.

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