Jun 18, 2020
New DLI App Available

A new web app is available to calculate the light intensity and photoperiod required to achieve a certain daily light integral for plant growth for an electric light source, such as LEDs (light-emitting diodes).

In the app, users enter any two of the three items to calculate the third unknown value. For example, enter light intensity and photoperiod to calculate daily light integral.

The English/Spanish language app was designed by Paul Fisher of University of Florida IFAS Extension and  Bruce MacKay of Thomas Baine Ltd. You can access the app here: backpocketgrower.org/constantlightlevels.asp.

“Growers often do these lighting calculations if they use supplemental lighting in a greenhouse, or have sole-source LED lighting in an indoor facility,” says Fisher.

He explains how to use the apps in English and Spanish videos at the Greenhouse Training Online YouTube channel (tinyurl.com/UFGTO). “Our industry advisory group in the Floriculture Research Alliance identified the need for this app”.

The app and videos are training materials in the Greenhouse Training Online courses for growers in greenhouse management, including Greenhouse 101 and Hydroponic Vegetable Production (hort.ifas.ufl.edu/training).

For more information, email greenhousetraining@ifas.ufl.edu.