Jul 5, 2024
New Philips GreenPower LED toplighting force 2.0 unlocks lighting intelligence

Signify has launched its latest innovation, the Philips GreenPower LED toplighting force 2.0 (TLF 2.0).

Designed to further revolutionize horticultural grow lighting, this system offers more light, dynamic color control, high energy efficiency and optimal light uniformity, making it a perfect choice for professional growers aiming to optimize crop yield and quality and manage their energy consumption.

High light output combined with Quadro Beam lens for superior light uniformity

The TLF 2.0 introduces new high light output options, up to 5150 µmol/s. With additional light in the right setting, you can reach higher yields and improve your business results. The newly developed Quadro beam lens ensures uniformity in all directions even at high light outputs. This enables fewer fixtures for the same surface, reducing installation costs and maximizing light efficiency. The rectangular beam shape provides uniform light distribution even at shorter distances to the head of the crop. The new flat glass cover makes cleaning extremely easy, so maintenance costs are optimized too.

Dynamic multi-channel color control

Another standout feature of the TLF 2.0 is its multi-channel color controllability in combination with the Philips GrowWise control system. It allows growers to adjust the light spectrum dynamically for precision control in crop development and morphology and optimizes light output. Seamlessly integrated with existing climate computers, the tailored light recipes safeguards steering based on external factors like the amount of sunlight or fast changing energy prices to manage energy consumption and yield and adapt to the specific needs of the crop and its development stage.

Growers can independently control far-red light for special end-of-day treatments, or switch to the most energy-efficient spectrum when less efficient parts of the spectrum are not required. This flexibility is particularly useful for crops that have highly variable light demands like cucumber, chrysanthemum or strawberries, or for young plant production where specific light conditions during the darker seasons are vital.

Wireless or wired control

Next to the existing wired control, the Philips GreenPower LED toplighting force 2.0 allows for wireless control integration. In both cases, wired and wireless, no additional control cables are required, simplifying installation and maintenance. The wireless controls option offers control of each compartment in the greenhouse separately to match the growth phase of the crop. It also lowers installation costs for renovation of existing installations.

Elevated energy efficiency

Operating with maximum plug power utilization options of 1040W, 1170W, or 1400W, the GreenPower LED toplighting force 2.0 achieves an impressive light output of up to 5150 µmol/s, unlocking unprecedented possibilities for light-plan designs, particularly for new installations. With an efficacy of up to 3.9 µmol/J at 100% light output. It is one of the most energy-efficient grow lights available. This efficiency not only reduces operational costs considerably, but also supports sustainable cultivation practices by minimizing energy consumption.

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