Dec 10, 2022
Ohio Hears Bill Aimed at Legalizing Adult-Use Cannabis

If passed, Ohio House Bill 382 would allow people older than 21 to buy and consume marijuana and grow a limited number of plants for personal use. The bill was introduced by Representatives Casey Weinstein (D-Hudson) and Terrence Upchurch (D-Cleveland) in August 2021 but just received its first hearing on Dec. 6.

According to WCMH, the proposed bill also establishes a marijuana regulatory agency within the state’s department of commerce to oversee the licensing and regulation of cannabis growers, processors, dispensaries and testing laboratories.

The bill strikes existing laws criminalizing marijuana from the Ohio Revised Code and allows for the expungement of marijuana-related violations for nonviolent offenders.

“HB 382 would create jobs, generate revenue, and keep families together,” Upchurch said in a statement. “We need this for Ohioans.”


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