May 17, 2022
OxiDate Now Proven to Not Harm Pollinators

BioSafe Systems recently had the label for its OxiDate bactericide/fungicide expanded.

OxiDate 5.0 can be used in agriculture as well as ornamental plants to kill algae, bacteria, and fungi. The label stipulation that prevented it from being used during bloom was recently removed, according to a news release from BioSafe.

“BioSafe Systems’ own extensive research has proven OxiDate 5.0 does not harm bees or beneficial pollinators circulating crops and maintains its effective mode of action during bloom,” according to a news release from BioSafe. “By assuring that the OxiDate 5.0 chemistry poses no threat to bees or pollinators, we’re adding applications for pre-plant treatment and in-season soil treatments. Plus, OxiDate 5.0 is now approved for organic, foliar chemigation applications.”

OxiDate 5.0 uses proprietary chemistry based on peroxyacetic acid to kill plant pathogens on contact, and eliminate algae, bacteria, and fungi, according to BioSafe. 

According to the product label, OxiDate 5.0 may be used as a pre-plant dip or spray treatment for control or suppression of damping-off, root and stem rot diseases caused by pathogens such as pythium, phytophthora, rhizoctonia, fusarium, erwinia or thielaviopsis on ornamental and nursery plants, seed beds, seeds, seedlings, transplant slips, bulbs or cuttings. It may also be used to treat seeds.

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