Apr 5, 2021
P.L. Light Systems Celebrates 40 Years in Business

P.L. Light Systems has reached an exciting milestone, as the company celebrates 40 years of delivering professional grow light systems to the horticultural industry. The company distributes products across Canada, the U.S. and South America from its manufacturing facility in Beamsville, Ontario, Canada — which is also the base for the company’s team of passionate and experienced professionals. Throughout the company’s 40 years, their philosophy has remained unchanged — to deliver innovative, reliable horticultural lighting solutions that result in optimal lighting performance and maximized yields for growers.

P.L. Light Systems has been operating since 1981, when it first opened the doors of its Canadian office as the North American division of Poot Lichtenergie B.V. – servicing both the North and South American markets. As one of the original pioneers in horticultural lighting, Poot Lichtenergie first began producing horticultural lighting systems in the Netherlands in 1977. Today, the company remains privately owned by a Canadian investor in the horticultural industry.

“In this day and age, it is not frequent that companies are able to adapt and change their business models, to be able to continue serving the customers and industry that they started in over forty years later,” said President Todd Philips. “Things have changed dramatically in the past forty years in the horticultural industry, but one thing that hasn’t changed is P.L. Light Systems’ dedication to providing their customers industry-leading supplemental lighting solutions, and top-level local manufacturing, service and support in the North & South American markets. Our team of passionate, dedicated, caring professionals have been here for our customers for the past forty years, and are committed to constantly reinventing ourselves, our products, and our service levels to ensure we have the opportunity to serve our customers, old and new, for another forty years and beyond.”

P.L. Light Systems reputation as “The Lighting Knowledge Company” sets them apart from other competitors in the Controlled Environment Agriculture industry, by providing superior knowledge and expertise, based on the unique requirements for each project. The company also largely credits their success and reputation to the enduring relationships with their customers, partners and team members.

This year, in appreciation of their customers’ ongoing support over the years, P.L. Light Systems will be offering special anniversary promotional offers through the end of 2021. Please contact your regional sales manager to find out more information. For more information on P.L. Light Systems, visit www.pllight.com or email info@pllight.com.


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