Oct 3, 2022
Plant Health Management Week Available On Demand

Plant Health Management Week took place Sept. 27-29, featuring three one-hour interactive webcasts with industry experts discussing pest control, disease management and plant growth regulators.

You can now view each day of Plant Health Management Week on demand for the latest insight, production tips and guidelines to grow successfully.

Day 1 — The Effects of Water Quality on Pesticide Effectiveness with Raymond Cloyd, Ph.D.

Cloyd is a professor and Extension specialist in horticultural entomology/plant protection, department of entomology at Kansas State University.

Sponsored by Nufarm

Day 2 — Disease Diagnostics & Management with Carrie Lapaire Harmon, Ph.D.

Lapaire Harmon is executive director of the National Plant Diagnostic Network at the University of Florida.

Day 3 — Plant Growth Regulators with Roberto Lopez, Ph.D.

Lopez is assistant professor in the department of horticulture at Michigan State University.

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