Dec 8, 2020
Recreational Cannabis Sales Reach $1.4M In Maine

Preliminary sales data from regulators at the state’s Office of Marijuana Policy indicate Maine’s marijuana retailers grossed approximately $1.4 million and made 21,194 transactions during the first month of retail sales. The data, which was extracted from the state’s inventory tracking system, Metrc, shows that smokable marijuana made up 76% of sales, while concentrates and infused products accounted for 14% and 10%, respectively.

Maine’s adult use market launched on Oct. 9 and saw sales from six active licensees that month. An additional three adult use retailers opened their doors during the first week of November. The reporting period covers sales made from Maine’s retail sales launch date of Oct. 9 through the end of the day on Nov. 8, a total of 31 days.

“While it is easy to focus solely on the numbers, it is important to note that the Office of Marijuana Policy’s primary objective is maintaining the high standard of public health and safety we have set for the adult use program,” said OMP Director Erik Gundersen. “We appreciate the commitment our licensees have demonstrated to enact COVID protocols to ensure a safe launch and their continued commitment to these efforts in light of the recent spike in COVID cases in Maine.”

Adult use monthly sales totals and product types have been added to OMP’s existing transparency dashboard, available at: The initial data set includes the first month of retail sales. Beginning in December, sales information will be updated monthly with the preceding month’s totals.

Sales data are preliminary in nature, subject to further revision and have not been audited. The office is responsible for the oversight of all aspects of legalized marijuana, including Maine’s existing Medical Use of Marijuana Program.

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