Sep 23, 2016
GPN to Offer Free Insect Control Strategies Webinar

If you are looking for answers on managing greenhouse pests, then you should sign up today for GPN’s latest Plant Health Management webinar.

On Oct. 4, at 2 p.m. EDT,  GPN columnist and regular contributor Raymond Cloyd at Kansas State University will present a free webinar on Insect Control Strategies for Greenhouse Growers.

The webinar is sponsored by BASF.

Cloyd is professor and extension specialist in horticultural entomology/plant cloydprotection at KSU. His research and extension program involves pest management/plant protection in greenhouses, nurseries, landscapes and many other areas.

During the one-hour webinar, Cloyd will talk about some of the techniques that growers can use to identify and manage the different types of pests encountered in greenhouses.

Cloyd’s presentation will address pest identification methods as well as approaches growers may want to implement in their production operations to minimize the impact of greenhouse pests.

To register for the webinar click here.

Earlier this year, Cloyd released his latest book, Greenhouse Pest Management, which takes a comprehensive look at how growers can manage greenhouse arthropod pests.

In the book, Cloyd provides essential information on the major greenhouse pests, describing their biology and life cycles. He also provides information on different strategies for managing greenhouse pests, such as cultural, physical and biological control as well as the use of pesticides, and describes how cultural practices and sanitation affect pest populations.

The book also contains photos to help growers identify what types of pests they are dealing with as well as what kind of damage the insects can do to greenhouse crops.

The book is currently available on Click here to purchase or learn more about Greenhouse Pest Management.