Jun 14, 2024
Sollum Technologies partners with Leaficient

Sollum Technologies has partnered with Leaficient to enhance agricultural lighting through advanced data integration. This collaboration aims to optimize cultivation by integrating precise plant growth data into Sollum’s advanced algorithms.

Leaficient utilizes computer vision technology to track plant stress and photosynthetic capability at the leaf level. This detailed data allows for customized lighting profiles that optimize plant growth conditions 

“Integrating Leaficient’s detailed plant metrics with our SUN as a Service (SUNaaS) cloud platform enhances our capability to provide incredibly tailored lighting strategies that adapt, more than ever, to the specific needs of each crop and cultivar, at every stage of growth,” said François R-Moisan, CTO and co-founder of Sollum Technologies. “This partnership sets a new standard in precision agriculture.”

“We are using plant performance and health knowledge to determine lighting strategies, basically using every photon to generate biomass and avoid waste. Sollum’s dynamic lighting systems, combined with our advanced measurement capabilities, offer growers unprecedented control and efficiency in their operations,” said Brian Stancil, co-founder and CEO of Leaficient. 

For more information, visit sollum.tech and leaficient.com.

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