May 13, 2024
The official list of 2025 new varieties from Proven Winners

Proven Winners understands that new plant varieties are the cornerstone of the horticulture industry, which is why it’s unveiling more than 100 new varieties for spring 2025. Crafted to inspire repeat purchases, these plants are top choices gardeners will be asking for by name next year.

“Each plant we introduce to the market undergoes rigorous testing and evaluation, ensuring they meet our high standards for performance from the greenhouse to the garden,” said Kevin Hurd, Proven Winners vice president of product development. “We invest years of research into developing each variety, selecting only those with the best genetics for Proven Winners containers.”

Proven Winners introductions for 2025 include 35 annuals, 42 perennials, 24 shrubs and more. Of particular note are:

Two new Supertunia petunia varieties, ‘Supertunia Tiara Pink’ and ‘Supertunia Tiara Blue’, featuring unique patterns and robust genetics.

Stardiva, the first-ever series of Scaevola aemula with star-shaped flowers — a departure from the typical fan shape — in Blue, Pink and White.

‘Flavorette Pear’d’ rose, an edible rose with a subtle pear flavor and a lush, soft texture, plus exceptional cold hardiness.

Rosa Flavorette Peard_Proven Winners
‘Flavorette Peard’

‘Summerific Cookies and Cream’ hibiscus, celebrated for its compact, sturdy growth and its first-of-its-kind, dark purple-black foliage topped with pure white flowers.

Hibiscus Summerific Cookies and Cream_Proven Winners
‘Summerific Cookies and Cream’

From its extensive introductions each year, Proven Winners selects Top Pick varieties in each category to represent the most outstanding and unique new plants. These selections are featured heavily throughout our multi-million-dollar advertising efforts on multiple platforms. This year’s Top Picks include a fiery, intensely saturated rose, a super-sized salvia, an easy-to-grow heliotrope and more.

“Top Picks have outstanding consumer appeal thanks to their unique features, disease resistance, tolerance to heat and humidity, outstanding vigor and season-long performance,” said vice president of sales Dave Konsoer. “These top-of-the-class varieties are sure to be gardeners’ new favorite plants, earning them increased attention across our national marketing campaigns to build even more demand for 2025.”

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