Jan 25, 2022
TPIE Cool Product Awards Handed Out

The Garden Center Group recently reported it had its largest group ever of garden retailers as judges for TPIE 2022 this year, all helping to find great products to present the Cool Product Awards.

The 2022 TPIE Cool Product Awards is a collaboration between TPIE 2022, Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association (FNGLA) and The Garden Center Group.

The following 15 Cool Products were announced:

Sansevieria m. ‘Whale Fin’ Variegated

TPIE2022-Aroid Greenhouses-Sansevieria 'Whale Fin' variegated
Sansevieria ‘Whale Fin’

This unique form of snake plant resembling a whale fin with a dramatic variegated stripe.

Aroid Greenhouses — www.aroidgreenhouses.com

New Expandable Moss Totem Pole

TPIE2022-Aroid Greenhouses-Moss Poles-stackable-SM
Moss poles

A unique design allows for the pole to expand as your plant grows by stacking another pole on top. Each pole features a cap that finishes off the top. Available in several sizes.

Aroid Greenhouses — www.aroidgreenhouses.com

Sustainable Planters

TPIE2022-BioFink-planters (1)-SM
Xaxim pots

A differentiated product similar to the original fern fiber, which had its sale prohibited due to the risk of extinction of the plant used for its manufacture. The Xaxim pots rooting capacity and its ecologically correct manufacturing process reportedly also contribute to the wide acceptance of the product and strengthen its position as a concrete alternative to fern tree fern fiber. The pots are available in five sizes.

Biofink LLC — www.biofink.com

Macrame, Jute and Seagrass Pots, Hangers and Pot Covers

TPIE2022-Creation Jute USA-SM
Jute plant hangers and pot covers

Creation Jute has an extensive line of handmade macrame plant hangers, braided jute pot covers, jute rope pot covers, seagrass pot covers, and much more, all in several tones. Creation Jute USA LLC is based in Connecticut and is the wholesale distributer of Creation Private Limited based in Bangladesh.

Creation Jute USA LLC — www.creationjuteusa.com

Cactus and Succulents

TPIE2022-Florida Cactus-Plants that Perform-SM
Florida Cactus display

Florida Cactus offers cactus and succulents and a creative visual message for their plants for retailers — Plants that Preform! They collected different old musical instruments and displayed combinations of their plants in and around the instruments with the message.

Florida Cactus — www.floridacactus.com

Mangave ‘Mission to Mars’

TPIE2022-Florida Tropiculture-Magave 'Mission to Mars' (1)
Mangave ‘Mission to Mars’

A common nickname for Mars is the Red Planet, and this Mangave gets its name from its unique, intense red coloration from the leaves. The 2¾-inch wide, thick green leaves are heavily speckled with burgundy red, with spots that bleed into each other for an overall red appearance.

Florida Tropiculture — www.floridatropiculture.net

Planters and Stands

TPIE2022-Floridis (1)-SM
Planters and Stands

FLORIDIS is the exclusive importers of the brand Floridis planters, which are manufactured in Brazil. The planters are made of polyethylene resin, super light and extremely tough and resistant. They have a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors to add a modern line of planters to your stores and projects. One smaller style (shown) has a unique stand which flips to offer two display heights.

FLORIDIS ARF America Corp. — www.floridis.com

Tradescantia minima ‘Pink Panther’

TPIE2022-Holt Nurseries-Tradescantia 'pink panther'-SM
Tradescantia minima ‘Pink Panther’

This dwarf wandering jew is a real eye-catcher as it shows off its tricolor personality of light green, white and pink hues. One judge said, “in the sunlight it almost appears pearlescent.”

Holt Nurseries — www.holtnurseries.com

Expanded Plant Varieties in Kokedamas and Display Ideas

TPIE2022-Kazumi Garden Kokedamas-SM

Kazumi Garden has received Cool Product Awards before, as they introduced us to the ancient Japanese art of Kokedamas (meaning ball of moss). This year, they not only are offer a greater number of plant varieties in Kokedamas but they also are providing ideas for properly displaying these works of art. While they only sell the Kokedamas, the Kazumi team gave examples of both natural and ceramic bases for these wonderful plants. Be sure to visit their website to see how these works of plant-art are crafted.

Kazumi Garden — www.kazumigarden.com

Bendable Plant Poles

TPIE2022-Mossify Bendable Moss Pole with logo-SM
Bendable moss pole

This was Mossify’s first appearance at TPIE, and they introduced their new bendable coir and moss plant poles that are completely bendable. Available in two thickness (diameter) with one with smaller coir covering and the other larger with moss, each available in three sizes.

Mossify — www.mossify.ca

Alocasia curpea ‘Red Secret’

TPIE2022-Northland-Alocasia cuprea-SM
Alocasia curpea ‘Red Secret’

This plant made the judges wonder, “Is it real?” This unusual Alocasia has a metallic look of copper. Northland shared that, in its maturity, this variety has leaves to 24 inches long. The metallic color is especially pronounced on juvenile leaves, and the back of the leaf is a deep purple.

Northland Floral Inc. — www.northlandfloral.com

Assorted Succulent Planters

TPIE2022-Popes Plant Farm-Succulent Combination Planters-SM
Succulent planters

The judges said they were instantly attracted to all the wide assortment of succulent combination planters. From small to larger sizes and from natural-look containers to whimsical themes, there is so much to consider.

Pope’s Plant Farm — www.popesplantfarm.com

New Heads Planters Collection

TPIE2022-The Pottery Patch-Heads Collection-SM
Heads planters

The Pottery Patch has attracted our judges in previous years with their creative styles and this year was no different. Their collection of Head Planters in multiple styles was an instant selection for our judges, who say are convinced they will sell quickly.

The Pottery Patch Int’l Inc. — www.thepotterypatch.com

New Bohemian Collection Indoor-Outdoor Planters

TPIE2022-Pottery Pots-Bohemian Collection Pots (5)-SM
Indoor-outdoor planters

Pottery Pots introduced their new Bohemian Collection, which features natural bamboo exteriors and a concrete/fiberglass interior for both indoor and outdoor use. There is a variety of sizes and styles in this collection.

Pottery Pots USA Inc. — www.potterypots.com

Philodendron ‘Red Moon’

TPIE2022-R&D Nurseries-Philodendron 'Red Moon'
Philodendron ‘Red Moon’

This was another sunning find during TPIE 2022. This rare variety shows off dramatic red colors in both half-leaves and some stems along with vibrant yellows and green colorations. Availabilities are low, but keep your eyes open for in the future.

R & D Nurseries Inc. — www.rdnurseriesinc.com




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