Mar 8, 2022
UConn Researchers Seek Input from Hydroponic Growers

Graduate researchers at the University of Connecticut are currently studying root rot in crops produced in hydroponic systems.

As part of her research project, graduate student Cora McGehee would like to understand commercial growers’ issues and concerns regarding root health. She is seeking grower input on practices and limitations regarding root rot, reusing nutrient solutions and disinfectants.

The objective of this survey is to identify the limitations that growers perceive regarding reusing or recirculating nutrient solutions for the production of crops in hydroponics.

The target audience for this survey are growers who grow crops in hydroponic systems for commercial purposes in greenhouses or indoor farms.

If you are a commercial grower and are interested in participating, please complete this short survey (it will take you less than 5 minutes to complete) —

If you have questions, please contact McGehee at<