Mar 19, 2020
UF Announces 2020 Online Training Courses

The University of Florida IFAS Extension has announced the schedule for its 2020 greenhouse training online courses. The four-week  online training courses are offered in English and Spanish.

Each course is completely online, and includes streaming videos, readings and assignments. They are available any time of the day, and new modules are activated each week during the course. Experienced university instructors are available for help and interactive discussions. Graduates receive a personalized certificate of completion.

The first course of the year, Greenhouse 101, starts on June 1, 2020. Greenhouse 101 teaches the underlying horticultural science of plant growth to growers who lack a formal training in horticulture. Topics covered are plant parts and functions, photosynthesis and growth, greenhouse technology, flowering, compactness and branching, irrigation, nutrition, and plant health.

To register, visit

The online course schedule for 2020 includes:

Course Dates Registration Closes Level*
Greenhouse 101 Jun 1 – Jun 26 Jun 8
Nutrient Management 1 (Introduction) Jul 6 – Jul 31 Jul 13 ••
Advanced Nutrient Management Aug 31 – Sep 25 Sep 7 •••
Disease Management Sep 28 – Oct 23 Oct 5 ••
Weed Management Oct 26 – Nov 20 Nov 2 ••
Hydroponic Vegetable Production (NEW!) Nov 9 – Dec 11 Nov 16 ••


  • Introductory: Practical experience but without formal horticultural science education
  • • Intermediate: Some experience and training, or entry university level
  • •• Advanced: Experienced, well-trained grower, or upper university level

For more information, including discounts for registering multiple staff, please email For a video description of the courses, watch the YouTube video (