Mar 29, 2021
US Cannabis Council Appoints Board Of Directors

The U.S. Cannabis Council (USCC), one of the largest coalitions of top cannabis businesses, associations and advocacy organizations, announced its initial Board of Directors. Made up of 48 critical cannabis CEOs, government relations professionals and advocates, the USCC Board of Directors represents consumers, supporters and constituents located in all 50 states with the combined mission of ending federal cannabis prohibition.

The USCC also reiterated its commitment to reserving one in every five board appointments for those representing civic-minded interests, such as diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice — key pillars of USCC’s mission.

“Cannabis will never see true legalization if those negatively impacted by the war on drugs aren’t actively involved in the conversation and provided a seat at the table,” said Steven Hawkins, interim CEO and founding member of USCC. “We must work to ensure that social equity is at the forefront of our efforts.”

Among those appointed to the USCC Board are Dr. Rachel Knox, MD, MBA, endocannabinologist and cannabinoid medicine specialist, who serves as board chair of the Association for Cannabis Health Equity and Medicine. Dr. Knox will be serving as interim treasurer of USCC.

“Focusing on uniting voices from all parts of the cannabis industry and advocacy community, USCC is a unique catalyst of change,” said Dr. Knox. “By coming together we can advocate as one force, demanding and enacting equitable and meaningful change for everyone in the industry, especially those historically shut out, and all others whom this industry impacts.”

By harnessing the power of all 48 members, USSC’s Board of Directors will work toward cannabis legalization at the local, state and federal level, with its first initiative being a request to President Biden to pardon all persons in federal custody for nonviolent cannabis offenses.

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The United States Cannabis Council is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization. USCC members seek to harness their collective expertise in order to advance social equity, end the federal prohibition of cannabis, modernize federal and state regulations and promote high ethical standards within the industry.

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