May 30, 2024
Wiliot’s new ambient IoT Food Safety Initiative

Working to set a new benchmark for food safety, tech provider Wiliot has announced a major new food safety initiative. It works to create completely transparent and traceable supply chains – soon required for FSMA 204 compliance – through the adoption of ambient IoT technology. 

Wiliot is an Internet of Things (IoT) developer. Ambient IoT is a battery-free wireless technology that is being incorporated in multiple wireless standards, including Bluetooth, 5G Advanced, 6G, and Wi-Fi – allowing food products to be connected to the internet and the power of AI at a fraction of the cost of legacy technologies, according to a news release.

The ambient IoT enables a new real-time inventory paradigm that not only benefits food safety and FSMA compliance, but is the key to more efficient store operations, surviving and thriving in the face of omni- channel competition, and competing on quality as well as value. As part of the initiative, Wiliot is partnering with food industry leaders iFoodDS and Trustwell to incorporate its ambient IoT data and technology into both company’s safety and compliance platforms. 

“Empowered by the unprecedented capabilities of the ambient IoT, the entire food industry can move beyond QR codes, advance shipping notices, and electronic documentation to a new traceability paradigm that is infinitely faster, entirely real-time, and drastically reduces the cost of manual labor and technology infrastructure,” Steve Statler, CMO, said in the release. “We look forward to working with iFoodDS and Trustwell to help some of the country’s largest food companies both meet FSMA 204 requirements, while simultaneously adding more value in terms of sustainability, freshness, and operational efficiency that advances the entire food industry.”

Trustwell’s software and consulting solutions are focused on their mission to increase transparency across the supply chain, giving food companies the tools they need to remain always ahead of industry regulations. As innovators and leaders, Trustwell brings together two products, FoodLogiQ and Genesis to go beyond compliance and set a new standard for safety, transparency, and quality in the food industry, according to the release. 

“The incorporation of Wiliot’s ambient IoT data into our Trustwell Connect Platform will empower brands to have visibility across the supply chain with a trusted single source of truth, fully traceable, compliant and data-driven,” Julie McGill, Trustwell’s vice president of supply chain strategy and insights. “More than 2,500 brands around the world rely on Trustwell to manage their regulatory requirements with more than 200 million Critical Tracking Events recorded using our FoodLogiQ Traceability software. The incorporation of Wiliot’s ambient IoT data into our tech solution is going to enable us to take food safety to a new level of traceability with precise execution.” 

Modernizing food safety is critical to the health and wellbeing of people everywhere. The CDC estimates that each year, roughly one in six Americans get sick from foodborne illness. Of those people, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 lose their lives to foodborne disease. 

The FDA took decisive action in November 2022, when it finalized its FSMA Rule 204 rule that established a foundation for end-to-end food traceability by focusing on tracking certain foods at each step across the supply chain and expanding beyond ‘one-up, one-back’ traceability. The goal of Rule 204 is to create visibility within the supply chain to enable a better response to foodborne illnesses, contamination, and other public health and safety issues. The food industry has until January 2026 to comply with Rule 204. 

Wiliot’s battery-free ambient IoT Pixels can attach to any food product or packaging to connect it to the internet and embed it with intelligence. Once attached, products push out item or case-level information about their location, temperature, carbon footprint, and more – equipping food retailers and companies with the high-definition real-time data that is now required as part of FSMA Rule 204. 

Wiliot is an ambient IoT data carrier platform.