40 Under 40, Class of 2023

Kimberly Noffke



Job Title

Greenhouse & Nursery Sales Specialist


  • Increased her sales territory by double digits for three consecutive years and has served as the integrity selling champion of her team.
  • Created a connection with customers during the pandemic through her passion for food, sharing meals and food gifts sourced from minority-owned inclusive vendors in Michigan.


The Travel Bug: Kimberly’s love of traveling once led to seven modes of transportation (car, bus, airplane, tram, ferry, bicycle and horse- drawn carriage) in a single day. Her favorite vacation spot is Piedmont, Italy.

Fun Facts

International Love Story: Around World War II, the Portuguese and U.S. governments decided to build an airport on much of Kimberly’s great-grandmother’s land on the island of Santa Maria. “The development of the airport is what brought my grandfather from Sao Miguel to Santa Maria and that is how he met my grandmother!”