Dümmen Orange to Debut Intrinsa Varieties

Dümmen Orange is introducing the world’s first TMV-resistant petunia collection at 2022 California Spring Trials (CAST).

The company has developed a new brand, Intrinsa, that takes advantage of a plant’s natural disease resistance to tobacco mosaic virus.

For several years now, researchers at Dümmen’s Breeding Technology Centre in the Netherlands have been working to develop superior and sustainable genetics for growers, retailers and global consumers. Using predictive breeding technology and artificial intelligence technology, Dümmen’s researchers have identified more than 50 traits for breeding for natural resistance and resilience in Dümmen’s top selling crops. They are now integrating them into their breeding pipeline.

Intrinsa varieties refer to a segment of the commercial portfolio that harbor unique new traits. These varieties are developed by using a combination of natural genetics and computer algorithms that predict the fastest breeding path to commercial products to systemically improve and extend the crucial traits of a plant. In this way, deficiencies are cured from within, making use of the plant’s intrinsic and natural capabilities. No GMOs are involved in the process. The result is that plants can withstand a multitude of biotic and abiotic stresses.

Intrinsa plants are stronger and more resistant, resulting in less production loss, more reliability in the supply chain, and greater security for the grower’s bottom line.

The Smartunia Windmill collection of Intrinsa petunias will make its debut at CAST. The collection features five solid colors and three new two-toned colors – Burgundy (pictured), Hot Pink and Purple – with a distinctive windmill pattern that pays homage to Dümmen Orange’s Dutch heritage. Smartunia Windmills are moderately vigorous with a well-branched and semi-upright habit, and blend perfectly together to create colorful mixed containers or hanging baskets.

These petunias have developed a natural resistance to tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) – the most common and troubling petunia virus that growers face.

In addition to the Smartunia line, Dümmen Orange is developing other disease-resistant varieties like chrysanthemums versus white rust and kalanchoe versus powdery mildew. More varieties are being developed and are expected to be introduced in the future.

According to the company, “Intrinsa brings advanced hybridization techniques through traditional breeding to create sustainable and economically viable plants for a greener future.”

Dümmen Orange has created a video on Intrinsa that can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erjKENfm43I.

You can learn more about the Intrinsa breeding technology at www.dummenorange.com/intrinsa.

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