Editor's letter for GPN May 2024 issue

Editor’s Letter: Meet the next 40! By Heather Machovina

May is a big month at GPN. It’s spring, all the trial gardens are planted and it’s when we announce GPN’s Forty Under 40 Class of 2024! It’s inspiring to read through all the nominations you sent in for us to consider. 


Learning how these young leaders are working to shape the future of our industry and the many subsections that shape horticulture always puts into perspective for me how extensive it is.

The 13th Annual Forty Under 40 Awards logo


Like a speeding train, greenhouse technologies seem to improve and change at full speed, and it can feel almost impossible to jump onto the car. Companies are now offering a large assortment of greenhouse technologies to collect data, automate operations, manage inventory and to increase productivity and decrease loss, to name a few. Read more about the keys to unlocking a data-driven operation with technology.

Understanding the science behind these new technologies and innovations is necessary for reaping the benefits and expanding your business. But, it’s also essential to realize that bringing technology into your greenhouse doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach. It’s an expensive investment but one that will likely be necessary for future business. If you’re a small grower, review the tips to start small using the technology ladder approach.

Digital illustration of a ladder holding a variety of plants in planters.


When it comes to high-tech greenhouse operations, Red Sun Farms is one of the largest in North America. Growing on 800 acres indoors, the vertical integration and technological advancements that carry its success is a must read!

Tomato crops shown in an indoor greenhouse growing environment, in harvesting bins at Red Sun Farms. Photos courtesy of Red Sun Farms.