August 2016

Bringing New Plants to the Market

I started Concept Plants eight years ago to be an independent company to represent breeders for their new plants. I travel around the world to find new and exciting plants, which we can represent for ... more

Culture Report: Gerbera Revolution Series

Check out these eye-catching pot gerbera that command attention at retail and will liven consumers' living spaces.

Fighting a Losing Battle?

Sometimes, it seems we are fighting a losing battle. One of the first things we tell growers is: “Do not water crops from overhead, and protect them from rainfall if at all possible.” Wet leaves a... more

Perennial Solutions: Nepeta ‘Purrsian Blue’

Nepeta ‘Purrsian Blue’ is the perfect cultivar for those seeking a tidier, more compact catmint. In addition to its attractive plant habit, ‘Purrsian Blue’ was selected for being highly florif... more

Red Light and Plant Growth

When you hear the term “red light,” what do you think of? Stopping at a traffic light? A certain district in Amsterdam? Light from LEDs? Red light can convey caution or danger or stopping at inter... more

The Impact of DLI, Light Quality and Photoperiod on Bedding Plant Flowering Response

How do light quality from light-emitting diode lamps and daily light integral influence the flowering responses of long-day plants?

The Latest Field-Grown Cut Flowers

Find out how new ornamental carrot, marigolds, lisianthus and sunflowers performed in trials this year.

Trialing and Trendspotting Across the Atlantic

Each year, during Week 24, dozens of breeders gather together in locations in Germany and The Netherlands to showcase their latest varieties and programs.

Wise About Water

The end consumer is growing increasingly more conscious of the environment, by both force and choice. Ensure their gardening success by offering water-wise plant options.

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