August 2017

Automation/Mechanization: The Beginning or the End of Your Job

Ask yourself these questions when considering mechanization.

Culture Report: Hypoestes Hippo Series

This new series provides indoor or outdoor color all season long.

Duets: Supplemental and Sole Source LED Lighting

Peter Konjoian and Erik Runkle, professor at Michigan State University and GPN contributor, talk LED lighting.

Forcing Perennials for Fall

Capitalize on the potential fall perennials have to offer.

Lighting Plans: Their Generation and Importance

Whether for a commercial greenhouse or an indoor growing facility, light intensity and uniformity are critical to successful production of plants.

Make Electricity While the Sun Shines

As more greenhouse growers look to automate their operations, it might be time to consider whether installing a solar electrical system to power this equipment makes economic sense.

Software is to a Company Like Soil is to a Plant

Here are five software features that simplify and save time.

Southern Trials Plant Tour

Impressive introductions for 2018 were on display at this year’s southern trial locations.

Succulent Combinations: Why and How

No longer just a trend, succulents have become an established consumer favorite. Find out how you can take advantage of this growing opportunity.

What’s In a Name?

I’ve always been intrigued by how breeding companies come up with the names for their new varieties. There’s always some kind of a story behind how the name was derived. Sometimes a lot of thou... more

When’s the Last Time You Worked Retail?

The more time we spend with our consumers in their “buying” element the more knowledge it will give us in our jobs and positions within this industry.

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