March 2013

A New Height Control Possibility for Daffodils and Hyacinths

A new drench technique shows promising results when used on bulbs.

Crop Culture Report: Antirrhinum Candy Showers Series

These trailing snapdragons represent a completely new item for spring and fall sales.

Impatiens: Down but Not Out in 2013

Although concerned with the impact impatiens downy mildew will have on the production and sale of impatiens walleriana in 2013, growers are planning to offer this crop along with alternative plants.

Perennial Solutions: Phlox subulata Early Spring Series

This new series offers growers early bloom times with loads of flower power.

Perennial Viruses: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Crops

Like many ornamental plants, perennials are susceptible to numerous types of plant viruses. Growers often jump to conclusions when they hear the word “virus” and don’t consider that plant viruse... more

Refining Poinsettia Production

Each year the North American Poinsettia Trials evaluates hundreds of poinsettia cultivars, many of which are new to the market. However, as any poinsettia grower will tell you, selecting the right cul... more

Staying the Course

Pennsylvania greenhouse has used PRO-MIX media since 1977

Wave Petunia Smart Scheduling

Petunia is among the most commonly grown bedding plants. It has been bred extensively for desirable flower traits, growth habits, extended blooming periods, stress tolerance and quick production. Wave... more

What Are You Growing This Year? Why?

What are you growing in your greenhouse(s) this spring?Whenever I ask that question, a lot of times I get an answer like, "The same crops we grew last year."When I ask, "Why are you gro... more

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