October 2018

10 Trends in Edibles for 2019

The veggie market continues to grow at the consumer level. Can you keep up and capitalize on these opportunities?

Culture Report: Cuphea FloriGlory Series

This revolutionary series of Mexican Heather boasts extraordinary flower power and brings new colors to the category.

Cutting Types and Transplanting Strategies

With limited research on the effect of callusing on production time and shrinkage, the following experiment was conducted to help growers decide when it is most profitable to use each cutting type.

Duets: Aquaculture + Hydroponics = Aquaponics

Joining me this month is Todd Guerdat, assistant professor of agricultural engineering at the University of New Hampshire. Todd received his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina-... more

Emergency First Response — People vs. Plant Care

When we witness an accident or someone in trouble, our instincts tell us to see if we can help in some way. Back in my machining days, the manufacturing plant was so big that we had our own trained EM... more

Keep It Clean

How can you manage sanitation for CEA crops?

New topics abound at GLEXPO education sessions

A few hot topics come to mind when it comes to greenhouses. In the last year, updates on insect and disease management have moved to the forefront. Mixing sprays for efficacy, pH and EC management, an... more

New, High-Resolution, Interactive DLI Maps

New maps of the photosynthetic daily light integral (DLI) in the United States have been developed and are now available online. The DLI represents the cumulative amount of photosynthetic light delive... more

Selecta One: Distinctive Summer Trial Selections

This month’s focus is on the diverse and innovative annual introductions from Selecta One.

Steps to Successful Branding

When Star Roses and Plants acquired BrazelBerries in 2016, it was very exciting because berries were a new category for us and the edibles trend was on the rise. We all felt there was a lot of growth ... more

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