September 2017

Biological Control of Aphids Using Parasitoids

Question: I want to implement a biological control program in my greenhouse against aphids. Can you provide information regarding commercially available parasitoids?

Branding to Sell More

How can you elevate your brand and ultimately provide added value for your customers?

Comparing Salvia nemorosa and Leucanthemum

Each year at California Spring Trials, Pacific Plug & Liner showcases a comparison trial of one genus. This year the company focused on two genera.

Creating Passion Outside the Industry

Running is one of my passions. I haven’t always been a runner though. In fact, I didn’t start running until I was in graduate school. What prompted me to start? A friend was rehabbing a knee injur... more

Culture Report: Cyclamen Magnia Series

Cultivate high-quality cyclamen in the heat.

Keeping Current

While doing our daily jobs and other responsibilities to keep our businesses running smoothly, are we keeping current on what’s going on in the industry? You might be thinking that you don’t have ... more

Simplify Data Collection and Correction

The new web-based GroZone Tracker app makes it easier for growers to monitor fertilizer and water practices and to resolve issues related to alkalinity, pH and electrical conductivity.

Sole-Source Lighting of Plants

Sole-source lighting is a term used to describe the delivery of light to plants that do not also receive light from the sun. In other words, electric lighting is delivered indoors and provides the sol... more

Spectacular Synergy

Check out these designer plant combinations from the southern plant trials.

The Quest For #19

As the 2017-18 school year gets into full swing again this month, it’s time for us to look for the 2018 GPN/Nexus Intern of the Year. Once again, we are looking for that one exceptional college s... more

Where the Wild Things Are From: An Overview on Natives and Native Cultivars

With the popularity of natives showing no signs of waning, it would appear the trend is here to stay.

Winners Circle

Having trouble deciding which new varieties to add to your production next season? Check out some of these award-winning varieties that impressed judges with their beauty and garden performance.

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