Mar 20, 2023
2nd annual Hemp Pitch Competition finalists announced

As hemp industry leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, policymakers and advocates prepare to convene at the 9th annual NoCo Hemp Expo on March 29-31, 2023, finalists have been announced for the annual Hemp Pitch Competition.

“We are excited to see what these innovators bring to this year’s competition and how they are making a difference in the hemp industry,” said Morris Beegle, producer of NoCo Hemp Expo, and president and founder of We Are For Better Alternatives (WAFBA).

Sponsored by Michael Best, a law firm serving the hemp and cannabis markets, along with BuildMySOP and AVL, the NoCo Hemp Pitch Competition features six companies looking to elevate their business and receive the exposure and resources they need to take their brand or idea to the next level. Prizes include more than $10,000 in value in legal fees and other services, including a complimentary 10×10 booth and seed sponsorship for next year’s NoCo Expo.

Finalists selected for NoCo Pitch Competition:

Airetage is a sustainable fashion brand based in Chicago. Founded by Miles Lazar, the company produces high-quality hemp clothing for the conscientious consumer. Airetage’s products are made with a textile-grade hemp fabric blend that includes cannabis agri-waste.

Bee Delightful, led by Skyler Johnstone and master beekeeper Daniel Weaver, produces wildflower honey from their rescue bees in Central Texas and infuses the raw honey with a carefully extracted, naturally occurring cannabidiol (CBD) from organic hemp farms in Colorado, Oregon and Kentucky.

JuiceTiva, founded by Chris Boucher and his wife, Jen Hutchinson, is a family owned business based in San Diego that delivers bioavailable, raw, live juice powder, with a high amount of CBDa per serving.

Pure BioPlastics, led by Ed Lehrburger out of Colorado, creates hemp fiber produced by PureHemp, which has been manufactured and sold into various markets to make first-generation hemp plastics. During the past five years, the company has developed a new technology to convert hemp stalks into 100% bioplastics (second-generation hemp plastics).

Regennabis, co-founded by Patrick McCartan and Geoff Trotter, delivers advisory, membership, events and investment services to the global cannabis and hemp industries, as well as to “canna-curious” Fortune 500 companies seeking insights into these nascent sectors.

Trusted Harvest Exchange, based in Colorado, is a proprietary contract platform led by William “Kyle” Guy that helps farmers, processors and end-use manufacturers get deals done faster, more reliably and with less risk. The platform performs contract execution, hemp regulatory compliance and carbon data management.

The finalists will have six minutes to pitch in front of a live audience and will be judged by hemp industry start-up consultants, attorneys and investors.

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