Jun 14, 2022
California Incentivizes LEDs for Cannabis Growers

To ease the strain on California’s energy grid, the state has authorized the Market Access Program as a strategy to reduce peak demand and mitigate rolling blackouts. The program authorized $150 million to incentivize projects that contribute to energy savings during the summers of 2022 and 2023. There are no cost caps and no product restrictions, but the program funds are first come, first serve.

“Growers in California have no time to waste, once the incentives dry up, that’s it,” said George Mekhtarian, CEO of California Lightworks, known for its MegaDrive LED lighting. “We want to make sure that businesses understand that these funds can be used to upgrade outdated lighting systems, like HPS, to advanced LED lighting systems like our MegaDrive for zero cost.”

California has issued a large number of cannabis cultivation licenses, increasing competitive pressure and driving down cannabis prices. Additionally, the cannabis industry’s carbon problem has raised alarms following a Colorado State University study that showed the industry pollutes more than coal.

“By upgrading to LEDs, growers in California are not only helping prevent rolling blackouts, they are also improving their bottom line by reducing utility costs, increasing yields and margins. All this while reducing their carbon footprint and minimizing climate impact, it’s a triple win,” said Mekhtarian.

California Lightworks is helping growers figure out the rebate process for growers hoping to make the switch.


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