Princettia Sparkling Rosé

Sparkling new Princettia varieties

Princettia euphorbias have found their place as fashionable novelties in growers’ poinsettia portfolios. Fitting the early market window, they kick off the season with vibrant pinks and the whitest white.  Plants are naturally compact and... more »

Cercis, Red Bud, in bloom. Feature image.

Culture Report: Garden Gems Cercis Collection

What’s better than a native tree that offers three seasons of garden interest? A native tree that offers three seasons of garden interest and fits on a patio!  The Garden Gems Cercis Collection is the... more »

North Creek Nurseries Viola silver gem

Culture Report: Cultivating the beauty of Viola ‘Silver Gem’

At North Creek Nurseries, a wholesale propagation nursery in southeastern Pennsylvania with a strong emphasis on North American native plants, we pride ourselves on growing plants that stand the test of time. That test begins... more »

CAST 2024 Reports

The 2024 California Spring Trials are underway, and we are on the road. Join us each day and follow along on our CAST adventures. Click the links below to view each of our daily reports... more »

Culture Report: Cyclamen

Cyclamen have long been used as an indoor potted plant. More recently, consumers and landscapers are using this colorful yet durable plant in their gardens and borders. They also make a unique patio container planted... more »

Culture Report: Snapdragon DoubleShot series

Most of the breeding in snapdragons, Antirrhinum majus, over the last 25 years has been in compact genetics, uniform varieties that are mounded in shape, and usually wider than they are tall. These types are... more »

Culture Report: Centaurea ‘Silver Swirl’

In a garden center and a world full of color, what is it that really stands out for consumers? What catches the browsing gardener’s eye that differentiates itself in the sea of choices? What makes... more »

Culture Report: Calibrachoa

Home gardeners are looking for vibrant, easy-care color. Calibrachoa offers so many bold color options and style forms, it’s easy to see why it is becoming a grower and a consumer favorite. Calibrachoa also offers... more »