Case Studies

Next-generation anti-drip film for greenhouses

{Sponsored} Using nanotechnology, Sunmaster EVO AC®, a greenhouse polyethylene film, was designed to offer powerful anti-drip and anti-mist properties and help commercial growers cultivate more effectively. Compared to conventional polyethylene covers, which lose the anti-condensate... more »

The Garden Gateway of Utah

{Sponsored} Just over an hour north of Salt Lake City, you will find The Garden Gateway, the Cache Valley’s premier garden center for quality plant material.  Established in 2002, The Garden Gateway offers a wide... more »

UV Light Transmission Takes Things in the Greenhouse to a Completely New Level

{Sponsored} While the crop he’s built a business around may be teeny, tiny, Greenbelt Microgreens owner Ian Adamson’s big-picture thinking is yielding some pretty impressive results. Since Adamson first started experimenting with greenhouse-grown microgreens in... more »

The Beneficial Power of the Nematode

{Sponsored} South Central Growers is a family-owned and operated ornamental nursery based out of Springfield, Tennessee. Tim Van der Hengst’s family purchased the business in 1990. Today, in their second generation of family ownership, they... more »

Micro Crop. Macro Thinking.

Since Ian Adamson, owner of Greenbelt Microgreens, first started experimenting with greenhouse-grown microgreens in 1998, Greenbelt Microgreens has become Canada’s largest producer of organic microgreens. Today, the company’s sunflower sprouts, pea shoots, wheat grass, arugula... more »

Software Helps Improve Rack Efficiency and Increase Profits

In the perennial business for 58 years, Sawyer Nursery, headquartered in Hudsonville, Michigan with a second location in Leesburg, Alabama, is a destination supplier for perennials. Starting out in 1956, Bob and Shirley Sawyer founded... more »

Former Golf Course Grows into State of the Art Hydroponic Greenhouse

For the last several years, Riverview Gardens (RVG) and its volunteers have been working tirelessly, transforming the fairways of a former country club golf course into... more »

The Edible and Fragrant Collections

Growers and garden center retailers need varied solutions to meet their particular needs to stay abreast of the exploding demand for edible and fragrant herbs and vegetables from consumer gardeners. Growers want a full range... more »