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A new take on smooth hydrangeas

Bailey Nurseries listened to its growing partners around the country and overseas about the production challenges experienced with some of the newer Hydrangea arborescens cultivars. With this in mind, it launched an important initiative geared... more »

Supplemental lighting strategies that let plants control the conditions

Light is a crucial factor affecting plant growth, especially during the winter or on cloudy days. To ensure optimal crop yield and quality, growers often utilize supplemental lighting strategies such as HPS or LED lights,... more »

BeeHero shows data-backed insights from almond pollination seasons

BeeHero, a provider of precision pollination, unveiled data-driven bee activity insights from the 2022-2024 almond pollination seasons. The company has revealed bee flight hour and bee frame insights via its sensor technology and AI-powered analysis... more »

AFE’s new research projects for 2024-25

A large part of American Floral Endowment (AFE)'s mission is to help address industry challenges through the funding of cutting-edge research. AFE understands the important role research plays in sustaining the industry, and as a... more »

Top performer line Photo credit Cavano’s Perennials Inc.

Mt. Cuba Center partners for a new natives brand

Mt. Cuba Center partners with Cavano’s Perennials for a new native plants brand. The new purple Top Performer tag designates native plants that received the highest scores during Mt. Cuba’s rigorous multi-year plant trials.  This spring, home... more »

Understanding poinsettia heat delay

Delayed flowering of poinsettias due to high fall temperatures can cause growers to miss critical market dates. In this article, we present the results of a five-year study to understand the many factors that interact... more »

Partnership supports water usage research and education

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation and the Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) announced an extension of their partnership that will support research to improve the efficiency of lawns and other landscapes. The grant helps to fund... more »

Project looks at pathogen risks, sanitation for CEA

Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) continues to grow in popularity worldwide, but little research has been conducted into potential pathogen risks and sanitation practices. Ana Allende, Ph.D., with the CEBAS-CSIC in Spain, is leading a project... more »