Sep 9, 2021
Cannabis and Hemp Week: Lighting Up Hemp

Join Hemp Production News, Cannabis Product News and GPN for the 2021 Cannabis & Hemp Week, featuring three 1-hour interactive webcasts with industry experts addressing the latest issues facing growers. Cornell University’s Neil Mattson will kick off the second day of Cannabis & Hemp Week.

Neil MattsonIndoor hemp is a demanding crop as far as light is concerned. Mattson will begin with a look at the photoperiod (daylength) and light quantity (daily light integral requirements) for hemp during propagation, vegetative and flowering stages. He will discuss research at Cornell University comparing performance and CBD content of hemp in response to high-pressure sodium and LED lights. Beyond visible light, far-red or UV light have been much talked about in terms of boosting crop performance, Mattson will discuss what is known based on the scientific literature.

Mattson is a professor and greenhouse Extension specialist in the School of Integrative Plant Science at Cornell University. He joined Cornell in 2007 after completing his PhD from the University of California Davis and Master’s from the University of Minnesota. Mattson is the director of Cornell’s Controlled Environment Agriculture group and his research is focused on optimizing crop performance and resource use efficiency of flower and vegetable crops. Particular research interests include strategies to reduce energy use in CEA lighting through LED adoption and intelligent light controls, sustainable fertilization practices, and development of new CEA crops.

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