Jun 20, 2022
Cannabis Consortium Researches Cultivation for Compounds

Agricultural research center Vertify, consultant Cultivators and Dutch knowledge and innovation center for horticulture World Horti Center have formed the consortium Cultivation For Compounds, together with a group of suppliers. This consortium has committed to a four-year research and representation program on cannabis cultivation. The research program into the cultivation of cannabis for compounds has recently started at Vertify. Later this year an informative pavilion will be opened at World Horti Center.

Cultivation For Compounds is focused on cannabis cultivation for specific compounds. It is evident that the cannabis industry has a promising perspective for the horticultural industry and the companies that form the consortium have a strong experience in the global legal cannabis industry.

The initiative does not only focus on the cannabis cultivation in general, but has a very specific focus on cultivation for active components.  The consortium set up a four-year cultivation research program at Vertify; the license for this was recently issued and the first cannabis plants were planted late May. All the partners ensure that the research takes place according to the highest standards and newest techniques available in the market.

“With this research program we want to gain further knowledge on cultivation cannabis for compounds.” says Sonny Moerenhout from Cultivators. Next to cultivation there is a research focus on post-harvest techniques; the location is equipped with both trimming machines and tray drying cabinets. This enables the consortium to investigate, steer and control from ‘seed to final product’ on compounds tested in the accredited laboratory.

Jim Koop of World Horti Center says, “At World Horti Center we will give insights into the broader cannabis industry; the background story, the applications of the compounds, the cultivation, the players and their solutions. The Netherlands is already associated with cannabis and the pavilion will disclose the high tech industry that cannabis is.”

The construction of the pavilion in World Horti Center has just started and will officially be opened in September.

Cultivation For Compounds consortium partners include Biobest, BrightLabs, Cannabis Drying, DCM, Fluence, Grodan, Master Products, MJ Tech, Phormium, Priva and sponsors: KG Systems, Van Dijk Heating & Perfect Plants. All these companies have put their trust and knowledge into this project.

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