Jun 10, 2018
Cannabis Production Facilities to Be Built in Northern California

On June 7, Smart Cannabis Corp. announced it had signed and received deposits on a multi-phase contract to build-out a turnkey cannabis production park in Salinas, California. The project is legally permitted and is scheduled to break ground during the week of June 14.

The company’s new Gutter Connect system is also being launched in connection with this project.

The customer had previously purchased 18 of the company’s Quick Deploy greenhouses which were originally slated to be deployed at an alternate location.

The new site, however, is much smaller which presented the company and client with a challenge to be able to have the same cultivation space in a smaller footprint. In turn, an opportunity to actually expand the square footage came about by CEO John Taylor developing a new, cutting edge greenhouse system that can retrofit any of the company’s existing greenhouses to not only be connected, but increase greenhouse square footage. This new series is called Quick Deploy Gutter Connect.

The original Quick Deploy greenhouses sold to the client in 2017 measured 30 x 96 feet, providing a total cultivation square footage of 51,840 for eighteen (18) units. With fire roads and space between greenhouses, this project required a minimum of 247,000 sq. ft. of land.

Creating the new greenhouses exceeds approximately 13,000 sq. ft. (64,800 sq. ft. total) of growing space as each unit is 31 x 120 feet. The entire cultivation project only sits on an 80,000 sq. ft. pad.

In all, the new product line can retrofit an existing greenhouse and expands grow space while requiring less land space.

To learn more about the new Gutter Connect Series of greenhouses, please visit: https://smartcannabis.com/greenhouse-models/gutter-connect-series-smart-greenhouse/

Smart Cannabis is a public equity corporation advancing the agriculture and cannabis industries and growing through acquisition, strategic alliances, and proprietary intellectual property. The company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Next Generation Farming Inc., provides turnkey, automated, commercial greenhouses systems that efficiently improve yields and decrease water consumption for cultivators of organic food and cannabis crops.

The company websites are http://smartcannabis.com https://sapinvestments.com https://smartcannabis.com/nextgenfarming


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