Dec 19, 2017
Costa Farms Winter Trial Garden Open House Set for January

Costa Farms plans to open its 2-acre Trial Garden on Jan. 15, 2018, for its annual Winter Trial Garden Open House.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see more than 500 plant varieties of annuals and perennials, many so new they won’t be in stores for another couple of years.

The Trial Garden offers a series of beautifully designed landscape beds, row beds to compare plant performances, hanging baskets trials, as well as mixed-container garden trials.

Many of the plant breeders, as well as the Costa Farms research and development team will be on hand to help answer questions and give additional insights on the varieties and gardening in South Florida.

The Trial Garden  is located at Costa Farms – Costa Color Division, 19995 SW 194th  Ave., Miami, Florida 33187.

It will be open the week of January 15 by appointment only.

For more information or RSVP, please contact Justin Hancock at