Mar 4, 2021
Dakine 420 Takes Soil-Based Approach To Aid Growers

Dakine 420, an Oregon fertilizer company, aims to help hemp farmers increase production, from the ground up.

The hemp-growing market, mainly focused on producing medical CBD and CBG, rose like a rocket over the last several years—until supply outpaced demand and prices plummeted. While the “glory days” of hemp growing are gone, the market is adjusting itself. Remaining are the most productive and efficient hemp farmers.

“The hemp market has been a rocky one,” said Dakine 420 CEO Kelly Martin. “Today’s growers need every advantage to maximize yield quantity and quality—and our company has committed our expertise and manufacturing to make sure they get what they need to thrive, from the ground up.”

Dakine 420, an Oregon-based cannabis fertilizer company, was born out of a love of cannabis and hemp growing, passionate advocacy for the industry, and a firm foundation of rigorous scientific research and analysis. While innovative, award-winning branding has made the Dakine 420 an industry icon, the popular “Mad Scientist” character is based on a real, bonafide scientist with dual PhDs in chemistry and microbiology, assisted by a group of botanists, chemists, horticultural specialists and other highly-qualified professionals. Together, they have over a half-century of combined experience, working in state-of-the-art indoor growing facilities.

Dakine 420 Founder Kelly Martin
Dakine 420 Founder & CEO Kelly Martin sporting his “Mad Scientist” wig. Photos: Dakine 420

Because of their commitment to the science and art of growing a plant with a unique spectrum of medicinal and utilitarian uses, Dakine 420 has invested a great deal of research and development into producing finely tuned nutrients and grow media to help ensure profitability for hemp growers.

“To put it simply, we believe in the hemp industry and we want to see it flourish,” said Martin. “Of course, hemp has been grown for a long time, but recent scientific and medical advances have opened opportunities to tap new frontiers of the plant’s potential. Our hemp-focused products are not our biggest market, but our enthusiasm for hemp growing remains high, and we want growers to get the best return on their investment.”

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