Oct 11, 2022
Danziger Kicks Off 2024 Season with InnovationFest

Nature gives us the beauty of colorful blooms, brings a sense of calm to our chaotic lives and offers a reason to connect to the world around us. 2024 is a celebration of that beauty and the ways Danziger works in tune with nature to help growers share flowers throughout the world.

Join in the celebration and kick off your 2024 season at Danziger’s InnovationFest. You’re invited to travel to Israel to experience all the new genetics and creative programs in person and participate in several virtual events that showcase Danziger’s mission to bring the beauty of nature to your customers.

“The last few years saw record numbers of homeowners turning to gardening,” says Ori Danziger, CEO. “Our goal as an industry is to keep those gardeners engaged. For 2024, Danziger’s new genetics and programs give gardeners a reason to connect to nature and a reminder of all the wonderful benefits growing can give.”

Danziger is also in sync with the needs of growers, providing the ability to do more with less. Its breeders work with nature to create varieties that require fewer interventions, including lower plant growth regulator (PGR) use, limited heating requirements, and in general, less hassle for the grower. All without sacrificing the performance and eye-catching wow-factor at retail.

Virtual Events


Join Danziger on Oct. 25, 2022, for a webinar on “Navigating the New Consumer”. This discussion will deliver valuable information on inspiring consumers at retail, reaching more customers with social media and understanding consumer trends. Click here for more information and to sign up for the North American webinar.

Virtual Presentations

Schedule a virtual meeting with your Danziger representative to receive a one-on-one tour of the 2024 varieties and new marketing ideas. You’ll also review programs that fit your specific needs and experience the difference flexible and personalized customer service can make to your business. Click here to meet a representative.

Live Event in Israel – Nov. 6 through Dec. 1

Start planning your in-person visit by clicking here.

Visit Danziger’s R&D center in Israel to experience its genetics in person. This 2022 event will include a tour of all the new varieties with displays to engage your customers and the end consumer. You’ll see how nature inspires our technology-driven breeding, how our location naturally drives heat tolerance and how creativity develops standout varieties home gardeners want to include in their garden. We will also be highlighting our DuraBella combination program, Danziger perennials and all-new categories including:


Danziger’s brand new petunia series brings a bit of the rainforest to gardens everywhere. Lush, green hues pair with tropical colors to create a petunia series that demands attention. AMAZONAS is a strong and unique series with the backdrop of natural color that pairs well with foliage plants in the garden.

Garden to Vase

Bringing the outdoors in just got easier. The new Garden to Vase program offers trialed and tested flower varieties from Danziger’s cut flower genetics that are perfect for cutting and creating beautiful bouquets. This program makes it easy for growers to provide home gardeners with the satisfaction of growing, nurturing and harvesting cut flowers.

DuraBella Combination Program

Danziger is bringing 11 new DuraBella combinations to growers in 2024. Taking a cue from nature’s preferred growing process, these two- and three-plant combos just fit better in the basket. More room and less crowding mean DuraBella combos require less water and have increased longevity in the garden center and for the end consumer. Even though they require fewer inputs, they finish in the same amount of time as a traditional six- or nine-liner planting, saving growers time and money. Best of all they feature varieties that play well together, growing to create long-lasting hanging baskets and container combos.