Danziger cut flowers

Nov 17, 2021
Danziger Launches 2022 Cut Flower Catalog

Danziger has announced the launch of its 2022 Cut Flowers catalog, showcasing a rich assortment of 20 different crops, more than 80 novelties, three brand new series and 340 varieties.

With such diverse cut flower offerings, this season the Danziger team has divided the catalog into three major categories. This is an effort to make it easier for growers, buyers and florists to browse the assortment and find exactly what they are looking for.

The three categories are:

Essentials –  Flowers that are the backbone of beautiful bouquets.
Show Stopper –  Flowers that are the central attraction in every bouquet.
Spotlight –  Flowers that add the dynamic shape and height to floral arrangements.

To download the catalog, click here.