Feb 22, 2022
Dümmen Orange Announces New Poinsettia Releases

 Dümmen Orange has unveiled its latest poinsettia varieties for 2022.

“We are very excited to introduce our new poinsettias for this year,” said Rebecca Siemonsma, North American product manager for Dümmen Orange poinsettias. “These incredibly beautiful and aptly named poinsettias will have industry buyers and sellers in the holiday spirit from the moment they lay their eyes on our memorable new varieties.”

‘FabYULEous’ (pictured above) has a name that speaks for itself. This variety is a very reliable eight-week finisher, and has an elegant dark red bract color over dark green foliage that creates a warm Christmas mood. The plants have a moderate habit with medium vigor that requires very little in the way of growth regulators. ‘FabYULEous’ works in a variety of containers from four inches to 10 inches in size. They can be produced in the south without heat delay. ‘FabYULEous’ can be grown at high density with minimal stretch or loss of stem strength for a high profit and high-quality program.   

‘Runway Red’

‘Runway Red’ has large, vivid red bracts and boldly presented cyathia. This  variety has strong vigor with a broad and spacious habit for bold presentations. Runway Red is ideal for larger, florist quality containers, straight-ups and trees. Finishing in eight weeks, this poinsettia variety won’t heat delay in the south. It also durable to last throughout the holiday season.

‘Tidings Light Pink’
‘Tidings Dark Pink’

The Tidings varieties are an elegant addition to modern day Christmas décor. ‘Tidings Dark Pink’ and ‘Tidings Light Pink’ are genetically identical sports, but with a reversed bract pattern which makes them an ideal pairing in both production and retail settings. These varieties have a dense, medium habit with large florist-quality bracts  and a medium vigor. Tidings offer a controllable habit that works in multiple container sizes from four inches to 10 inches. An eight-week finish, the Tidings pairing is perfect for main season novelty sales.

‘Norwin Orange’

‘Norwin Orange’ is a true breakthrough for its novel color. The brightest orange available on the market today, Norwin Orange is very early to finish at eight weeks which allows it to be a vital feature in autumn programs. This mid-vigor variety has large bracts in a vivid color that is perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving promotions. With dark green foliage, Norwin Orange has excellent branching characteristics and a controllable habit that works well in a variety of container sizes. They can even be black clothed for Halloween sales. This variety will become a legacy in poinsettia programs for years to come.

For more information about Dümmen Orange or the new 2022 poinsettia varieties, please visit na.dummenorange.com.

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