Dümmen Orange Intrinsa brand

Jul 1, 2020
Dümmen Orange Launches Intrinsa Brand

Following the recent opening of its Breeding Technology Centre in the Netherlands, Dümmen Orange is now presenting Intrinsa, a new brand that will be used to label Dümmen Orange’s product innovations coming from its R&D pipeline.

Dümmen Orange aims to shape the future of the floriculture industry and believes in more technology-driven R&D to develop superior and sustainable genetics for its customers, retailers and global consumers.

Intrinsa will use and develop knowledge on existing DNA code in commercial varieties by systemically improving and extending crucial traits of a plant. In this way, deficiencies are cured from within, making use of the plant’s intrinsic and natural capabilities. The result: plants that are able to withstand a multitude of biotic and abiotic stresses.

The goal of Intrinsa is to create:

  • Stronger and healthier plants, shaped by advanced breeding technology
  • Environmentally sustainable crops with fewer chemicals, creating a longer life cycle
  • Economic success with less waste and fewer risks, for efficient results

Perry Wismans, managing director business development at Dümmen Orange, said, “We are very proud to launch Intrinsa. Several years of R&D investments in plant research have led to the first products that we can introduce to the market shortly. Moreover, this secures superior and sustainable genetics, giving us, our customers and our retain partners a better position and make our product more sustainable.”

Dümmen Orange’s product teams are currently preparing for the first launches of Intrinsa varieties to the global market. Within the garden mum series, they have developed the Ditto series with white rust resistance. Its introduction under the Intrinsa brand is anticipated for the coming season. Various pot and cut chrysanthemum varieties will follow soon. Next, kalanchoe and petunia products will be offered with resistances to powdery mildew and tobacco mosaic virus, respectively.

More information can be found at www.dummenorange.com/intrinsa.


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