Jun 18, 2019
Sym-Agro Offers New Essential Oil to Help Manage Pests

Commercial edible growers have a new tank mix option to make their insecticide control more effective – Alluma is a high-potency broad-spectrum, plant-based essential oil that acts as an insecticide, insect repellent and miticide.

“Alluma is an innovative formulation that works as a contact repellent and trans-laminar product, as well as a feeding and oviposition deterrent,” says Peter Bierma, Sym-Agro president. “It performs best as a synergist added to growers’ existing insecticide programs to target hard-to-control pests like mites, thrips and lepidoptera.” 

Alluma works on contact through interference with the sensing faculties of pests, disguising the odor signal emitted by crops and thus preventing females from laying eggs. It also has a direct effect on the pest, acting through ingestion as a chitin inhibitor. Its trans-laminar effect contributes to the control of mites, thrips, lepidoptera and soft-bodied insects.

Alluma helps increase the efficacy of other insecticides, whether in a tank mix or in rotation programs enhancing overall insect control.

Alluma is compatible with most biological control agents and easily incorporates into existing programs.

For more information, please contact 541.607-5097 or info@sym-agro.com.