Aug 15, 2022
Global Garden, Canobi AgTech Partner for Indoor Cannabis and Food Farmers

Global Garden has teamed with Canobi AgTech of Maxville, Ontario, to bring monitoring, automation and optimization technology to indoor cannabis farmers and food agriculturalists across the United States. Designed to manage an entire indoor farming operation, Canobi AgTech’s SaaS-based Indoor Farm Management platform is the next step in agricultural intelligence.

As climate change, rising population and new legislation continue to fuel the upward trend of indoor agriculture, the need for streamlining farming operations has never been more critical. The Canobi framework integrates with existing sensors, devices and systems to provide real-time monitoring, alerting, data visualization, automation, and optimization of farm and business processes for both small and large scale cultivators.

Canobi AgTech was built with a cultivation-first mindset, focusing priority on the needs of the plant rather than imposing the technology onto the plant. Canobi connects with and monitors sensors and systems 24/7, to pinpoint humidity, temperature, CO2 pockets, and more. High-resolution monitoring allows for the collection of thousands of data points vertically and horizontally throughout the grow room. Combined with access to historical data for complex analysis, Canobi’s management platform enables farmers to dial-in rooms and build optimized SOPs, recipes and playbooks that will drive farm automation to ensure consistently high-yields with exceptional quality.

Canobi AgTech is the brainchild of ERP veteran and indoor farming visionary Robin Vincent. After six years of consulting in indoor farm management, Vincent saw a future where data-driven farming would actualize the dream of indoor agriculture at scale. Food security, mitigating the impacts of climate change, and commercial agriculture sustainability are at the core of Canobi’s vision of empowering local indoor farming to feed the world sustainably.

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